Ventures is a community-based program that operates under the 50/50 policy which stands for fifty percent development of daily living skills and fifty percent participant volunteerism and vocational experiences.
“I have worked for the Ventures program for over a decade and I can honestly say it has not felt like work as I have learned and experienced life with my individuals.”
-Minerva Flores (staff)
“I enjoy going out in the community and using the train”
-Andre Africa (participant)
“I like to work and dance Zumba.”
-Sonia Martinez (participant)

Ventures is a community based program designed with groups of three individuals and a Community Team Leader. Ventures offers 100% supervision and is solely based in the community. Each group of individuals is geographically close to each other and many activities take place in surrounding cities near their residence. Ventures also offers work training in the form of part time paid employment for those individuals that are interested in working in the community. Every group participates in some type of volunteer work: In places such as meals on wheels, local public libraries, food banks, retirement centers and churches to name a few.


In Ventures, participants learn safety skills, self-advocacy, mobility training and socialization skills. The clients are encouraged to help create the weekly schedule with their community Team Leader; incorporating their hobbies and interests.